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Frequently Asked Questions

ITunes is a media management system developed by Apple for both Windows and Apple based computers. It can be used to play and download online music and videos. With Apple’s store you are able to purchase music, videos and other media to play on a compatible device.
Extremely safe, there is literally no difference between these codes and the official codes. They pass all security checks and even manual checks. You have nothing to worry about these codes are for your enjoyment and are 100% safe to use so please use them while you can get them.
We recommend that you use it no more than 3 times a day. You can use it more if you like without problems. But in the interest of site traffic and other users we please ask that you do not abuse it.
No you do not need to download anything in order to use the Free iTunes Gift Card Codes Generator. We use an online based generator which means you do not have to download and install anything to your device. Using an online based system also means that it cannot be abused at it requires a quick verification to use. This only takes about a minute and is in the interest of users of the site.
No, codes from our generator are not country specific. So that mean they can be redeemed in any country. The value of the code is converted to your currency when you are redeeming the code. So this is nothing you have to worry about .We have you covered. The only thing you have to worry about is how much you want to receive and to prove you are not a bot and indeed a human. It is that easy and it is totally free.
Well that is really easy scroll back up the screen and follow the How it works instructions. To prevent abuse of the system there is a simple verification process. One your IP has been recognised you will not be to do this again. This is used to prevent abuse of the system and it essential for us to use in order to provide this generator for you.

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Verificaton takes around 1 to 2 minutes to complete.Unclaimed requests having an expiration time of 1 hour. You have time left to complete the verification process and release your reserved code.